About Us

The Macro-Frio SA company was founded in 1992, location in Tarouca - Portugal, our main activity is production, commercialization, and distribution of food products. With focus on a constant evolution, we have made high investments in the modernization of our company, providing it with the best equipment, production technology and logistics. This enables us to be a big reference company in the Food Sector Portuguese market.

The Macro-Frio SA products is a company that earned is place in the national and international market and is also present in several foreign markets.


Our company strategy is directed to the continuous improvement. We focus our strength on the constant market analyses and satisfaction of our clients. An example of that, was when in back 2011, we start the transformation of fish and meat products, and in back 2016 the start of pre-cooked products.

A Macro-Frio S.A. também tem investido continuamente em recursos humanos capazes, no reforço dos sistemas de qualidade e segurança alimentar, de forma a cumprir devidamente com a legislação em vigor, garantindo qualidade e segurança alimentar nos produtos disponíveis.


  • Ensure total customer satisfaction, considering the continuous improvement of all processes.
  • Answer to customer requirements to provide food products with complete security and in accordance with the requirements of the customers.
  • Warranty that Hygiene and Food Safety Requirements for the Final Consumer of all different sectors.


  • Continually Improve of all the processes of the company.
  • Expand and improve facilities to respond more quickly and effectively to the demands proposed by our customers and production of new products.
  • Perform stricter on the selection of suppliers, to ensure maximum received quality of food products.