The objective of traceability is to guarantee to consumers that the products supplied are healthy and safe, considering the control that is done at all stages of production, storage, transportation / distribution and marketing.

The Macro-Frio SA company has an effective control system which allows a perfect correlation between the final product and the raw material from which it originated, and this ensuring the traceability of all products and the quality control and food safety of all products.

RAW MATERIALS, PRODUCTION AND PROCESSING: according to the stipulations with Good Manufacturing Practice, Hygiene, Food Safety and Quality Control at every stage of the production process and supplier’s.

Ensure preservation of the products and that they reach the customer in the best conditions of health and conservation. The Macro-Cold is equipped with storage rooms with high capacity and suitable technology for strict control of storage temperatures. The products are transported in vehicles equipped with isothermal box and cold production system capable of transporting Fresh and Frozen Products with part.

Strict control of temperature and hygiene of vehicles is performed.