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The Macro-Frio SA company, it is founded in 1992, location in Tarouca - Portugal, its main activity import, followed by the production, export, and distribution of food products. Engaged in a constant evolution, we have made high investments in the modernization of the company, providing it with the best equipment and production technology and logistics. This enables us to be the leading companies in the Food Sector operating in the Portuguese market.

The Macro-Frio SA is a company that earned its place in the national and international market in its own right and with a will to win, and is currently present in almost all customer segments in Portugal and is also present in several foreign markets.

The company's investment policy is directed towards continuous improvement and monitoring of market needs, and the Macro-Frio SA company, started its activity in food processing in 2011. In 2016 the Macro-Frio SA will take forward work on Production range of precooked products, having also been made a substantial investment in increased fish and development of new products sector.

The Macro-Frio SA company has also invested continuously in its image, human resources and strengthening of food quality and safety systems and is certificate by ISO 9001: 2008 and 22000.
With a strong investment in the new Unit Food Processing meat and fish, and precooked future, we can thus make available to our customers with added value for consumers, ensuring the highest quality and required security.

Latest News

Macro-Frio renova estatuto de de PME Líder 2019

A Macro-Frio vê renovado o seu estatuto de PME Líder 2019, distinção atribuída pelo IAPMEI, mostrando mais uma prova de solidez e estabilidade da empresa.

Atribuído a empresas com desempenhos superiores e tendo por base as melhores notações de rating e indicadores económico-financeiros, o estatuto PME Líder é uma verdadeira distinção da empresa num mercado altamente competitivo, onde a estabilidade e solidez financeira são um trunfo.

Esta distinção reconhece, assim, o trabalho da empresa que garante sempre as melhores condições para os seus clientes.

O estatuto PME Líder foi lançado pelo IAPMEI em 2008, com o objetivo de distinguir empresas com perfis de desempenho superiores, conferindo-lhes notoriedade e criando-lhes condições otimizadas de financiamento para desenvolverem as suas estratégias de crescimento e de reforço da sua base competitiva. 

We provide a wide range of products, which relate a common thread - the quality of raw materials, the care in its production and food security, the irreproachability of their submission.

The committment to quality