In terms of environmental management, the main challenge is to ensure that the natural resources needed to our activities are well used and that their regeneration capacity is not compromised. We must be demanding regarding pollution control and environmental risks, ensuring separate collection of waste, the recovery of by-products, wastewater treatment, reduction of noise levels, accident prevention and training and awareness of all employees.

On the other hand, it is necessary to detect and fight waste, which result in unnecessary water and energy expenses; avoid loss of raw or auxiliary materials or products, preventing them from becoming pollution in the form of gas emissions, effluents or waste. It promotes eco-efficiency of production processes, but also of their own products and distribution circuit, thus creating more value with less environmental impact.

Macro-Frio’s environmental goals are:

  • Comply with the established legislation;

  • Improvement of the global environment;

  • Promote the sustainable use of water;

  • Promote the rational use of energy;

  • Improve waste management;

  • Promote eco-efficiency of packaging;

  • Improve the safety level of the use of hazardous substances;

  • Promote environmental awareness.