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In Macro-Frio, there is a set of principles that form the basis of our position and performance. The constant consideration of all factors that determine the impeccable quality of products we sell. Producers to ensure a careful selection of raw materials, and respect evident in the products, the process and methods of traditional Portuguese delicatessen. Products that claim, by their irreproachable organoleptic characteristics.


› Smoked ham
› Smoked ham ¼
› Smoked ham thin slices
› Bacon
› Smoked lean meat sausage

› Smoked thin sausage
› Smoked black pudding
› Traditional sausage
› Wine garlic marinade sausage
› Flour sausage

› Paprika chorizo sausage
› Large “chorizo”
› Chorizo wine sausage
› Smoked York sausage
› Smoked shoulder

› Smoked longaniza sausage
› Small rashers of lard
› “Crioulo” sausage barbecue
› Smoked pork ears
› Smoked hind hock

› Smoked pork feets
› Mortadella
› Rolled ham
› Cooked leg ham
› Salames










Latest News

A Macro-frio apoiou os finalistas do Curso de Medicina - Coimbra

A Macro-frio apoiou os finalistas do Curso de Medicina da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Coimbra na Queima das Fitas 2018. Votos de melhores sucessos profissionais e pessoais.

We provide a wide range of products, which relate a common thread - the quality of raw materials, the care in its production and food security, the irreproachability of their submission.

The committment to quality