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  • Verify that food handled, stored and processed, meet hygiene and food safety requirements for the end consumer.
  • Answer to customer requirements in order to provide food products with complete security and in accordance with the requirements of the customers.
  • Ensure total customer satisfaction, taking into account the continuous improvement of all processes.


  • The continuous improvement of all company processes.
  • Expand and improve facilities to respond quickly and effectively to the demands proposed by our customers and production of new products.
  • Perform a more stringent selection of suppliers, in order to ensure maximum received quality of food products.

Latest News

SISAB 2019 - estivemos presentes em mais uma edição

A Macro-frio esteve presente, mais uma vez, no SISAB - Salão Internacional do Setor Alimentar e Bebidas, a maior convenção anual de empresas e empresários líderes de exportação na fileira agroalimentar, dando assim seguimento à sua estratégia de internacionalização.

We provide a wide range of products, which relate a common thread - the quality of raw materials, the care in its production and food security, the irreproachability of their submission.

The committment to quality